Flexible Tripod Hama

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Flexible entry-level tripod

  • Adjustable in height form 36,5 cm to 106,5 cm
  • For cameras weighing up to 3,5 kg
  • For Audio Recorders with 1/4 inch connection
Flexible Tripod Hama
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This flexible aluminium tripod is designed for occasional private shots for entry-level photographers.
It is made out of lightweight and sturdy aluminium construction.
It can carry cameras up to a maximum weight of 3,5 kg.
It has a secure stand due to rubber feet and hand-height-adjustable central column.
Maximum installation height is 106,5 cm, minimum installation height is 36,5 cm.

The tripod can also be used to record home making music with acoustic musical instruments.
Mount the Audio Recorder e.g. LS-P5 on the tripod and place it near your guitar or piano playing family members for audio capture.

With the DVR.Remote App you can even operate the LS-P5 Audio Recorder via Smartphone up to a distance of 10 meters.
Thus one family member can operate the recorder via Smartphone from distance while the music making person can concentrate fully on the performance.

Flexible Tripod Hama