Take your high-res telephoto further

The M.Zuiko 100–400mm IS is available now!

Take your high-res telephoto further

High super-telephoto performance in a compact, lightweight zoom lens – the M.Zuiko Digital ED 100–400mm F5.0–6.3 IS (200–800mm*) lets you explore both intense telephoto and telemacro photography. Add the optional MC-14 or MC-20 Teleconverter and go up to an amazing max. 1600mm*! The built-in image stabilisation helps to make sure your images remain sharp even at high zoom. Pro-level dust and splashproof capability give you added flexibility to shoot wherever you like, while the fast and accurate autofocus lets you capture what you like without a thought.

For any photography genre where crisp details matter, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 100–400mm F5.0–6.3 IS is your ideal companion. Be one of the first to find out more!

*35mm equivalent


Take your super-telephoto shooting further with the new M.Zuiko Digital ED 100–400mm F5.0–6.3 IS zoom lens. Delivering high-resolution telephoto and telemacro photography, even under harsh environmental conditions. In-lens image stabilisation combined with accurate autofocus gives you the sharp images you want, across the entire zoom range. 

Main benefits:

  • Must-have in-lens stabilisation
  • Intense telemacro and convenient Focus Stacking
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Sharp images at high zoom
  • Pro-level weatherproofing



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