OM-D E-M5 Mark III

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With you for every adventure

They say one should collect memories instead of things. We want to help you immortalise the sunsets, the adventures, the laughter and the deep emotions along your way, with the people you care about. Let the E-M5 Mark III be a trusted companion to tag along on all of your adventures.

Ready for every challenge

Photograph confidently in situations you normally wouldn’t, without worry or extra protection. The E-M5 Mark III is fully weather-sealed in every seam. Come rain, shine, sandstorm or snow, it will never let you down.

Never miss the moment

How many photos have you lost by not having a camera ready at hand? The E-M5 Mark III body weighs just over 400 grams, so coupled with our lightweight lenses it is always at your side and ready for those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Prepare to love it

Tools, including cameras, can be created in many ways. The E-M5 Mark III couples great usability with an iconic design, bringing pleasure to all senses. The classic OM camera look from the 1970s disguises its cutting-edge features.

Photos help us remember, and to be remembered.

As long as there have been humans, we have had a deep need to document and explain our existence visually. Since no camera can capture the moment from the bag or your home, choose the one you want and will use. Daily.

A design icon reinvented

All PRO, without the bulk

The E-M5 Mark III might be light in size, but not in features. Doing a paid photo shoot during your vacation? Not a problem. Creating a video project along the way? We’ve got you. This little beast many features and technologies developed for our PRO cameras and makes it ready for anything you ask of it. Personal or professional, it delivers.

OM Ambassador Tyler Glass

Dust, splash and freezeproof

A featherweight, but not in features

Market-leading in-body image stabilization

Big on demand. Computational features make the camera do more than you expect.

Flip the screen. The touch-operated LCD screen can be turned to any direction.

Wireless freedom. Connecting to your phone and transferring images is easy.

Charge on the go. Use a power bank to juice up your camera battery anywhere.

With a camera you can carry with you everywhere, you’ll never miss that once-in-a-lifetime moment again.

Yoshihisa Maitani, designer of the original PEN and OM cameras.

Made for a new generation of creators

With the help of computational photography, a small camera can be big on demand. The E-M5 Mark III punches way above its weight class and allows the modern creators to follow their visions with ease.

Go big with the 50-megapixel High Res Shot

When you encounter a captivating view that you want to print really big, place your camera on something sturdy and use the High Res Shot. Your camera will use its image stabilisation unit to combine 16 shots in-camera with the sensor moved for each. The final result is a 50-megapixel image file, in full RAW quality.

Capture the auroras with Live Composite mode

The 5-axis image stabilisation unit in the E-M5 Mark III will move, turn and rotate the sensor to compensate for movement of your hands in low-light photos. Or, you can engage the clever Live Composite mode that combines multiple exposures so that only brighter or moving lights (like auroras) are added to the photo.

Embrace the elements with true weather-sealing

Many cameras claim to tolerate the weather but suggest that you should not get them wet. The E-M5 Mark III celebrates all the elements and excels in rain, dust and snow. Couple your camera with a weather-sealed lens and you are ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you.

Be the star in your photos with our OI.Share app

On those alone-time trips, you can control your camera with your smartphone. With the OI.Share app, you can download your photos wirelessly or take photos with a remote viewfinder view. With the app, you can easily place yourself in the frame, without anyone operating the camera.

The pocketable video creation studio

Smooth your videos without gimbals with our class-leading image stabilisation. Focus on details with 4K or slow down time with 120 fps FullHD. Capture crisp and clear sound by attaching an external microphone or our handheld sound recorder. And all this while relying on a human-like autofocusing algorithm that makes your footage look like you did it all on your own.

High resolution video on Cinema 4K

Smooth video footage without a gimbal

Slow-motion in FullHD 120 fps

A camera for the new pioneers. For those on the wild side.

Technical specifications

Because the details matter

20MP Live MOS Sensor, phase detection AF built-in on sensor

5-Axis in-body image stabilisation for both photo and video use

Weather resistance

Fully weather-sealed and rugged construction

10 fps sequential shooting (with mechanical shutter)

30 fps sequential shooting (with electronic shutter)

High-speed mechanical shutter, use fast lenses in broad daylight

4K Ultra HD video resolution up to 30 frames per second

Slow-motion video at 120 frames per second in FullHD

Vari-angle Touch LCD, allows shooting from any angle

50MP Tripod High Res Shot Mode for extra large prints

Focus bracketing and stacking, computational photography features

Built-in Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, OI.Share smart phone app

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

Small, but mighty. The perfect companion for the adventurous kind.