LC‑37PR Dress‑Up Lens Cap

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Dress‑Up Lens Cap

  • Unique lens cap design
  • Available in 10 exciting colour designs

Available Colors

LC‑37PR Dress‑Up Lens Cap
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If you have already customised your PEN E‑P3 or E‑PL5 with the MCG‑3PR Dress‑Up Grip then the LC‑37PR Dress‑Up Lens Caps complete the unique look of your PEN. The Dress‑Up lens caps are available in corresponding colours to the nine exciting colour designs of the Dress‑Up Grips. The unique designed lens‑caps are suitable for M. Zuiko Digital 14‑42mm F3.5‑5.6 II (R), M.Zuiko Digital 17mm F2.8 Pancake lens and M.Zuiko Digital 45mm F1.8..

Colour variations:
Clear Black,
Clear Champagne Gold,
Clear White,
Carbon Look,
Amber Look,
Marble Look,
Brown/red‑striped and

LC‑37PR Dress‑Up Lens Cap