CBG‑8 Casual camera bag

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Simplicity meets flexibility

  • Photo bag
  • Flexible usage
  • For everyday use
CBG‑8 Casual camera bag
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Are you a female photographer who needs to carry both your camera and important personal belongings but don’t want to carry two bags around? We may have the perfect solution for you in the shape of the new Olympus CBG‑8 Casual camera bag. This bag offers enough space for all the things you need to carry with you, there is a padded interior with adjustable dividers, so you could, for example, store a compact system camera, an extra lens, mobile phone and a purse. With the detachable padded interior all the items are perfectly sorted making rummaging around your bag is a thing of the past. What’s more, the camera bag can be worn in several ways: folded to create a handbag, remove the shoulder strap and it can be used as a shoulder bag, or just as it is as a shopper style bag. The simple design makes the bag potentially "theft‑safe", as no one would notice that it is a specialised camera bag.