Streetomatic Olympus Edition

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Olympus meets Cosyspeed

  • Quick and easy one-handed access
  • Secure storage
  • Finger strap & rain poncho included

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Streetomatic Olympus Edition
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The Slinger Bag ’Streetomatic – Olympus Edition‘ is the result of a collaboration between “the fastest Camera Bags” manufacturer, Cosyspeed, and Olympus. A unique design and useful features make the difference!

Cosyspeed is all about quick, one-handed access to your camera gear. Olympus stands for lightweight and compact cameras with perfect image quality. The product of a collaboration between both companies is what the modern street photographer needs.

The Slinger Bag ‘Streetomatic Olympus Edition’ combines the speed of a sling strap with the safety and space of a camera bag offering quick one-handed access to your Olympus camera. It can be worn comfortably around the hip or like a traditional sling bag over the shoulder.
The bag provides enough space for one camera body and up to three lenses with customisable compartment dividers granting the possibility to perfectly fit the bag to the size of your camera and lenses.
The Slinger Bag comes together with a finger strap and a rain poncho to protect the equipment in case of rough weather. The bag offers 2 small pockets, one on each side, to safely store a battery and some SD Cards as well as your mobile phone. The hip belt offers plenty of options to attach additional gear for quick access. A unique locking mechanism safeguards your equipment while on the go.

Width 230 mm x Height 160 mm x Depth 110 mm
Weight 446 g

Streetomatic Olympus Edition

160mm 230mm