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Leather Body Jacket

  • Suitable for E-P7
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Matching strap available


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The exclusive leather body jacket perfectly fits the design of the E-P7. It is tailor‑made for the shape of the camera body and underlines its elegance while protecting the camera body from scratches and add durability against impact. It is mounted using the dedicated pin and secure connection over the strap rings, while the side catches make it easy to replace the battery. For a complete vintage impression, add the Olympus matching genuine leather lens covers (LC‑60.5GL). You can also combine the body jacket with a colour matching long leather strap (CSS‑S109LL) or a shorter leather hand strap (CSS‑S110LS).
The CS‑54B body jacket comes in black and white color finishes matching your choice of silver or white E-P7 variants.